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Discover The Revolutionary New Hover Trimmer String Line Cord Replacement Kit, With Its Unique Safety Blade and Protection Guard.

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Are You Fed Up Of Re-Purchasing Trimmer String Line Cords?
Discover The Smartest Way To Eliminate On-Going String Trimmer Line Purchase Costs.

Introducing a Brand New String Trimmer Line Replacement Head Tool Kit Application

Discover How The Advanced Aerodynamic Hover Trimmer Head

Application Has Become The Smartest Way To Eliminate

On-Going String Trimmer Line Purchase Costs.

The New Hover Trimmer Aero-Blade & Safety Guard Replacement Head Kit offers numerous benefits to humans, nature and the environment whilst operating string line trimmer machines. This brand new ergonomic alternative to string trimmer line is now available and is saving money, time and effort to landscapers, grounds maintenance companies and residential line trimmer operators.

The Hover Trimmer replacement head kit application easily fits any straight shaft string trimmer line machine. The existing line trimmer head is dismantled, removed and replaced with the advanced Hover Trimmer Safety Guard and Aero-Blade Kit. Please see the "How to Fit" page to discover more details on fitting instructions.

The Aerodynamic Hover Trimmer quad propeller steel cutting blade is powered by centrifugal acceleration creating an anti-gravity propulsion mechanism. As a result of this advanced technology, the Hover Trimmer application hovers effortlessly on a cushion of air 2-3cm above the ground, supplying a flight mode feature to the application by reducing drag and improving air flow. This unique hi-performance feature supplies enough energy and speed to cut through the toughest of weed growth in record time, whilst alleviating the operator.

The speedy Hover trimming action reduces exertion levels upon the operator and improves efficiency levels through increased trimmer performance. By removing the strain and pain associated with operating string trimmer line heads the operator will have a more ergonomic trimming experience.

The Hover Trimmer solution flies through tough trimming work, safely and efficiently. The unique Hover Aero-Dome safety guard shield gives valuable protection to operator, public and vehicles by trapping loose trimming debris safely. As a result the Hover Trimmer kit application prevents trimmer string propelled instances that can cause injury and harm to humans, offering a safer trimmer head alternative.

Bracken, hedging, unwanted weed and long grass growth are all pulverized by the unique Hover Trimmer Aero-blade action during Hover Trimmer flight mode operation. Hover trimming waste matter is transformed into fine organic particles that mulch down into the soil providing a valuable rich fertiliser.

The Hover Trimmer string line replacement kit saves on down time that is usually lost to repairing or re-stringing string trimmer line spools. Landscapers and Grounds Maintenance companies are benefitting tremendously as a result of the new time saving Hover Trimmer replacement head kit.

Become One Of The First In Your Area To Operate The Unique Hover Trimmer Kit Solution

Experience The Power, Speed And Safety First Hand That This New Trimmer Head Replacement Kit Application Offers.

By eliminating on-going trimmer string line purchase, there are significant money savings to be gained. The Hover Trimmer kit application pays for itself after just a couple of spools worth of replacement trimmer string line. Some landscapers and grounds maintenance companies purchase thousands of meters of monofilament nylon trimmer string annually. The Hover Trimmer kit puts an end to this excessive waste of money, time and effort.

Weed Trimmer Fuel consumption is greatly reduced during Hover Trimmer flight mode operation, upon reaching 5000 rpm, fuel consumption drops by up to 99%. Faster working time and lower fuel emissions create a positive result on the environment and also the wallet.

The environmental benefits of the Hover Trimmer solution create a positive impact; the elimination of broken pieces of monofilament nylon string line waste from gardens and public areas creates a cleaner, greener environment for humans and wildlife to thrive in.

The Hover Trimmer safety shield guard offers valuable protection to trees and young saplings whilst operating weed trimmer machines in urban areas, parkland, private estates, and woodland forest areas. Concerning reports reveal that great harm is being inflicted upon trees and young saplings across the world by string trimmer line operators unknowingly striking tree bark.

These trimmer string whiplash wounds are fatal to trees as parasites invade and cause disease which kills the trees. The Hover Trimmer safety guard prevents harm to trees and young saplings, allowing safer mowing and organic mulching as Hover Trimming matter is pulverised into nutrient rich fertilising food.

Replacing An Old String Trimmer Head With A New Ergonomic Hover Trimmer Kit is Easy.

The Work Can Be Completed Much Faster, Much Safer and Much Cheaper.

The Easily Fitted Hover Trimmer head replacement kit is available in two sizes and fits straight shaft trimmers with a shaft measurement of up to 28mm; the Standard Hover Trimmer Kit is suitable for all cc trimmer engines. The Professional Commercial Hover Trimmer Kit fits trimmer machine engines above 30cc only. The professional Hover Trimmer kit requires a higher powered engine to drive the larger size Aero-blade.

The Hover Trimmer replacement head kit comes supplied with a spanner tool and a sharpening file for the purpose of blade maintenance.

Arboretums, Orchards, Tree Plantations, Forests, Olive Groves, River Banks, Golf Courses, Cemeteries, Domestic Gardens and Public Park areas are all experiencing the many benefits of the new Hover Trimmer string trimmer line replacement kit solution. Advanced Turbo Powered Aerodynamic Performance Delivery Is Guaranteed From the New Ergonomic Hover Trimmer Head Replacement Kit. Please check our How It Works Page To Discover More On The New Hover Trimmer Kit.




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