Revolutionizing The String Trimmer Line Replacement Market.

Save Your Wallet By Eliminating On-Going String Trimmer Line Cord Replacement Costs Every Year.
The Unique Patented Anti-Gravity Propulsion Technology Feature Transforms A Conventional String Trimmer Line Machine Into A Super Powered Hover Trimmer MachineThe New Hover Trimmer Tool Kit Application offers numerous benefits to humans, nature and the environment. This brand new ergonomic alternative to string trimmer line is now available, saving money, time and effort. 
Now You Can Finally Go String - FREE  Achieving Much Better Results.

Landscapers and Grounds Maintenance companies are all too familiar with on-going string line purchase costs. 

The New Hover Trimmer Head Replacement Kit can save a lot of money and time. Rising fuel costs and inefficient wasteful String Trimmer Line Spools can all be eliminated by fitting the New Hover Trimmer Aero-Blade Safety Guard kit.

The New Hover Trimmer Patented Anti-Gravity Technology
Application Kit in Demo Flight Mode.

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Discover More About The Amazing New Hover Trimmer Head Technology Application Kit.

Waving Goodbye To String Line Cords Forever

HT-002 Hover Trimmer Kit as pictured is suitable for all straight shaft trimmer machines below 30cc.The Unique Patented Hover Trimmer replacement head removes the strain and pain associated with conventional string trimmer line machines during operation, creating a more ergonomic weightless trimming experience.

The Easy to Fit Hover Trimmer head replacement kit is available in two different size kits.

The Hover Trimmer HT001
 Professional size is suitable for String line trimmer engines 30cc or above. The Hover Trimmer HT002 Standard size is suitable for String line trimmer engines 30cc or below.

Both Hover Trimmer Kits are suited for straight shaft string trimmer line machines only. No special fitting tools needed, as the Hover Trimmer string trimmer line replacement kit is supplied with a spanner and sharpening file for the purpose of blade maintenance.
The Hover Trimmer Safety Shield Guard fits easily onto straight shaft string trimmer line machines only, it works by trapping loose trimming debris safely, creating a low risk operating environment.

When the Hover Trimmer
is in operation flight mode, the centrifugal force powers the propeller shaped Hover Trimmer Aero-Blade, creating an Anti-Gravity propulsion technique.

This powerful action gives the Hover Trimmer enough energy and speed to cut through the Toughest of Weed Growth in record time.

The Brand New  Patented Hover Trimmer safety Head Dome feature, removes the strain and pain associated with conventional string trimmer line machines during operation, creating a more ergonomic weightless trimming experience. 

Tough Weeds, Grass, hedging and bracken can all be kept maintained quickly and easily with the new Hover Trimmer replacement head kit. Trees are protected by the unique Safety Trimmer Guard Hover Dome, preventing trimmer string related whiplash and blade damage which cause great harm to trees and young saplings.

Forest and woodland floors benefit
greatly from Hover Trimmer maintenance in colder months when viruses and disease are dormant.The New Hover Trimmer application pulverises grass and weed into light particles creating rich natural fertilising nutrients back into the forest floor. 

When it comes to maintaining Arboretums, Orchards, Tree Plantations, Forests, Olive Groves, River Banks, Golf Courses, Cemeteries, Domestic Gardens and Public Park Areas, they all benefit from the new Hover Trimmer string trimmer line replacement kit. Another huge benefit of using the Hover Trimmer Kit is the protection it offers, both operator and Tress while reducing the amount of pollution from lots of broken Nylon String Line cords.

Dynamic, Hi-Speed Performance Delivery Is Guaranteed From The New Ergonomic Hover Trimmer Head Replacement Kit.Fuel Consumption is greatly reduced during Hover Trimmer flight mode operation, faster working time and lower fuel emissions create a positive result on the environment and the wallet!

The Hover Trimmer string line replacement kit saves down time lost to repairing or re-stringing string trimmer line spools, and eliminates the on-going cost of string trimmer line spool replacement.

Read Below What Customers
Had to Say About Their New Hover Trimmer Kit Experience!

Hi Carl Williams from Kent UK. Sharing my personal review on the Brand New Hover Trimmer HT-001 Professional Hover Kit.I fitted the Hover Trimmer Kit onto my Husqvarna 50cc Trimmer. I have to admit I was really impressed with this new trimmer replacement head. The Hover Trimmer allowed me to trim around all of our trees. safely.

As an Organic UK Farmer I needed a trimming solution that will protect trees and not leave string littering the farm.I think the Hover Trimmer Product is one of the best investments I have made on maintenance application tools in many years. Its a great trimmer application tool to work with. The Hover Trimmer was very Easy to Fit onto my old trimmer and I can see a vast saving in fuel consumption too.Thank You Hover Trimmer Fantastic Well Designed Application Trimming Head.

Thank You Hover Trimmer Fantastic Well Designed Application Trimmer Head.

Carl Williams Organic Farmer Kent UK
Our company uses a lot of weed trimming machines on a daily basis so when it comes to purchasing trimmer string let me tell you, we have purchased the toughest, strongest, longest lasting Nylon Cords available on the market.Found The Hover Trimmer Very Easy to fit, and easy to use around trees and plantations, Saves a lot of downtime due to consistantly Bump feeding string line which does not always bump correctly meaning more downtime. After using the Hover Trimmer on just one of our top Weed Trimmers here is our review.Landscaper Review:

The Hover Trimmer Kit is one of the "Best New Application Tools" Purchased for Our landscaping Business, and it certainly delivers what it says on the tin!.Brillant Well Designed Application. We have also seen some fuel savings when compared to using traditional nylon string line cords on our weed Trimmers.

Definity Delivers A Lot of Power and speed to the head area, and the safety dome shield is amazing, giving you peace of mind when operating in public areas. We noticed that the Hover Trimmer Dome shield offers protection to both the operator and trees trunks. We certainly feel a lot safer now when using the Hover Trimmer Kits around our customers Yards.

Our Business has Now Fitted the Hover Trimmer Kits across all our Trimmer machine heads. Just makes logical sense to save money for our business instead of wasting it on an endless lenght of broken string line cords that waste your profits and time and fuel.

Josh Lewis Landscape Contractor Florida USA.

How to Protect Your Trees From Weed Eater String Line Damage
"Dr Liam Mulholland BSc" Australia National Parks.

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Say Goodbye To Breaking Trimmer String Line Cord Forever,
Enjoying A faster, Safer Cleaner Trimming Experience
thanks to the New Hover Trimmer Technology Replacement Head Kits.

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