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Discover The Revolutionary New Hover Trimmer String Line Cord Replacement Kit, With Its Unique Safety Blade and Protection Guard.

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Welcome to Hover Trimmer International, we are a subsidiary division of The ALM Robotic Group, Leading technology providers of greener, cleaner solutions for the home and garden market sectors. We really hope you find your visit to our new 2013 website an interesting journey of discovery.

At Hover Trimmer International, we genuinely care for the current environmental conditions that are causing disease to Mother Earth, nature and People.

The natural environment needs our help and superfast. Humans, nature and the environment are all suffering devastating disease as a direct result of environmental pollution. It is time to take responsibility and reverse the damage to our environment. Reduce the threat of disease to humans and nature by giving protection, love and care to our beautiful mother earth. We actively encourage, promote and support stewards around the globe to come together and actively play a part in the clean-up operation, giving our future families the opportunity of a cleaner, greener, healthier planet earth to enjoy and continue to care for.

The reality of climate change has arrived; governments around the world are calling for earth friendly solutions to address ever increasing environmental C02 emissions.

Communities and groups such as "Friends Of The Earth International" are encouraging the people of the world to wake up and devote some tender love and care to mother earth so she may heal and flourish in abundance once more. We can achieve this new world together with new cleaner environmentally friendly solutions so our families around the world can live a healthy happy life.

For more information on how to contact us please visit our contact page