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Discover The Revolutionary New Hover Trimmer String Line Cord Replacement Kit, With Its Unique Safety Blade and Protection Guard.

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The Hover Trimmer string line cord replacement kit is available in two sizes, both of which will transform a conventional string line trimmer into a safer, faster weed trimming solution. The transformation from string line trimmer machine to turbo powered Hover Trimmer machine enables the operator to fly through large areas of long grass, tough weed and bracken quickly, safely and effortlessly.

The ergonomically designed Hover Trimmer Aero-Blade and safety guard kit fits straight shaft line trimmer machines measuring up to 28mm in shaft diameter. The unique safety blade guard feature eliminates centrifuging and traps trimming debris safely, offering valuable protection to the operator, public, vehicles and windows.

The unique hovering action of the Hover Trimmer application is the result of anti-gravity technology. The aerodynamically designed Hover Trimmer quad propeller steel cutting blade is powered by centrifugal acceleration. The increased acceleration creates an anti-gravity propulsion mechanism allowing the Hover Trimmer application to take flight and hover effortlessly on a cushion of air 2-3cm above the ground.  Upon the Hover Trimmer reaching 5000 rpm fuel consumption can reduce by up to 99%.

The Hover Trimmer kit application reduces drag and increases a downward flow of air. This action creates a powerful suction feature allowing trimming matter to be sucked into the Hover Dome Shield. The Aero-Blade can then pulverize unwanted grass, tough weed growth and fallen leaves into fine dust particles, creating valuable organic rich fertilizing nutrients that mulch down naturally into the soil.

The Hover Trimmer solution can maintain areas that a string trimmer line head would struggle with, grass slopes and banks are a breeze as the Hover Trimmer takes the strain off the operator. The Advanced aerodynamic cutting blade slices through stems of up to 3cm in thickness, tackling the toughest of weed growth including bamboo cane, any other use is not recommended.

Introducing The HT- 001 Professional Hover Trimmer Model

The HT001 Professional Commercial Hover Trimmer Kit Is Recommended For Trimmer Machine Engines ABOVE 30cc ONLY. A hi-powered trimmer engine is necessary to drive the heavy duty HT001 Professional Aero-Blade, which is most suited for larger maintenance areas and commercial landscaping work.

The Aerodynamic HT- 001 kit Includes:

HT-001 Stainless Steel Propeller Shaped Quad Cutting Aero- Blade measuring 40cm diameter.

HT- 001 Toughened Polypropylene Safety Guard Aero- Dome Protector Shield measuring 48cm diameter.

The HT 001 Kit Is NOT suitable for Trimmer Machine Engines Below 30cc.


The HT-002 Standard Hover Trimmer Kit Is Recommended For Trimmer Machine Engines of ANY cc Size.

The Aerodynamic HT-002 kit Includes:

HT-002 Stainless Steel Propeller Shaped Quad Cutting Aero-Blade measuring 34cm diameter.

HT-002 Toughened Polypropylene Safety Guard Aero-Dome Protector Shield measuring 46cm diameter.




Both Hover Trimmer Kits are suitable for straight shaft weed trimmer machines with a maximum shaft diameter of 28mm. The HT kits are inclusive of a spanner tool for fitting purposes (no other fitting tools are required) and a hand sharpening file for Aero-Blade maintenance. It is recommended that the Aero-Blade is cleaned, dried and sharpened after each use, to maintain optimum cutting performance and to prolong Aero- blade life.

It is vitally important to follow safety procedures prior to and during operation of all garden power tools. Take the time to discover how to operate weed trimmer machines safely and how to protect yourself, others, nature and your environment. Protective safety wear should be worn during Hover Trimmer operation as with all weed trimmer line machines.

Understanding ergonomics or "human factors" within the workplace reduces harm and injury instances, creating a healthier, happier working environment.